Success Story


Creating a Decentralized Contact Center - National Utilities of Hungary.


The goal of the project was to create unified customer relationship operation across all customer related channels, while ensuring quality of service and cost-effectiveness over the long term. To achieve these goals, the following steps were taken:


  • Implementing Dynflow: for all customer interaction channels (telephone, written, personal). Activity-level mapping and implementation of business processes in Dynflow. – Standardized Operation


  • Conversion of the Customer Care organization (Call Center, Back Office, Front Office): Creating a dynamic task processing strategy tailored to customer interaction intensity. Adapting to service levels, everyone is performing the highest priority task. – Standardized Operation


  • Unified Performance Evaluation System: Based on the performance measurement provided by Dynflow, the performance of all administrators is available in an evaluation system and is easily comparable. The basis for a unified customer relationship performance wage is created. – Authentic Performance Management


  • Sales Support: Using Dynflow enables the utilization of the cross-selling potential in incoming customer relationships. Unique SAP integration helps maximizing sales efficiency, while taking customer satisfaction into consideration. – Creative Business Development


  • Project planning: Project planning: BPR projects planned for 2018 are based on the reports from Dynflow. – Return-based BPR

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