What is Dynflow?

Dynflow is a dedicated Customer Relations software, designed to control SAP by a function level integration.


As a result:

  • The time and cost of modifying the business processes is significantly reduced in Dynflow,
  • while running it does not require deep-level SAP knowledge,
  • and can be done in-house, from own resources, with much less risk.



How does it work?

Dynflow provides significant assistance to those involved in creating and operating business processes:


  • System administrators can transparently and quickly replicate processes,
  • while users can access the current versions of them in real-time,
  • and the business analysts have a full, detailed report on the use of the processes.


Good to know

Design view

  • Modern GUI
  • Manages individual process versions
  • Its use is easy to master
  • Enables the creation of detailed process control documentation


User view

  • Integrated with SAP screens
  • Displays the necessary work instructions
  • Indicates any changes in the process
  • Displays the currently required SAP screens at the appropriate time
  • Provides automatic logging in SAP


Report view

  • Users/groups can be easily administrated in one place
  • Authorization management is available
  • Provides instantaneous performance reports immediately
  • Provides a sufficiently detailed process of reporting
  • A step-by-step report of processes is also available

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